Huis (pronounced how-z) is Dutch for house or home.

Good Huis Co. is the destination of brands with intention for the planet + people. We prioritize natural materials, mindful design + enduring pieces for the home. 

Our aesthetic is an effortless mix of subtle contrasts that are easy on the eye, creating a calming mood of timelessness, simplicity and longevity.

At the heart of it all, we just want to do good. Even the smallest step we make towards more considered purchasing, is a step in the right direction. There’s no better time to start…


USE LESS / We select timeless, well made staples that have a thoughtful and deliberate approach to
materials selection and manufacture that instill a mindset of care and repair for future
generations to come. We value good craftmanship and less is more approach, featuring
products with intention and longevity.

MATERIALS / We prioritize safe and renewable natural materials that are easily regenerative with low
environmental impact. Some of these include Flax, Linen, Lyocell, Cupro, Cork, Bamboo. We
only buy organic certified Cotton products and support brands that are transparent about
their traceability.

ENVIRONMENT / If production requires the use of virgin materials, they must be OEKO-TEX Certified
or use GOTS-certified dyes which meet the global standard for low environmental impact
processing. We prioritize furniture pieces that use recycled materials, have FSC
certification or GECA Certification (Good Environmental Choice Australia).

FAIR / We only build partnerships with brands that share our values of decent working conditions, fair pay and human rights principles.

LOCAL / We support local talent, Australian made wherever possible, so our products travel less distance, reducing our carbon footprint.

CRUELTY FREE / We respect animals and only support cruelty free brands with zero testing on animals.

WE RECYCLE / We recycle 100% of all packaging in huis. And when we ship to you, our packaging is
domestically biodegradable in your garden compost. Which means you are doing good
for mother nature. We embrace technology and strive for a paperless office.