• Oatmeal Yoga Bolster

Oatmeal Yoga Bolster

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Deepen and support your yoga practice with our restorative yoga bolsters. 

With a 100% cotton cover and pure buckwheat filling, melt into this soft and supportive yoga bolster for blissful rest, additional support or deepened back and side bends.

If you have ever used a yoga bolster in supported child's pose or beneath your knees in shavasana you will understand the transformative and deeply restful effects of this additional support.

Perfect for use in your yin, restorative or slow flow classes. It can also be used as a meditation cushion to support your cross-legged seated or lotus position. 

In two soft colour ways, our yoga bolsters are intentionally subtle and designed to assimilate with your bedroom, living room or meditation space.

Yoga bolster covers are removable and easy to clean. 


·       100% cotton cover  

·       Pure buckwheat hull filling 

·       Cotton carry bag for storing your bolster

·       Packaged in fully recyclable cardboard 

·       Removable cover

·       Spot clean or remove cover to hand wash and dry naturally

·       20 Ø x 60cm length